Sunday, March 6, 2016

Journey To A Song "Try Again"

Try Again is one of the most powerful song, I have ever written.  It is a song I have been working on for several months and has kept me motivated to keep going when I just didn’t want to.  It helped me fight through my tears of disappointing myself and others.  My many bouts with depression and unbelief.  On days when I didn’t want to audition, work out or just get out of bed.  This song would come to mind, I would work on it and it would change my entire day.  It also inspired my next song release “Not Defeated”

I released "Try Again" last week as a first listen only on my site. The feedback I have received is so awesome. To think, I was so disappointed when I finished this song I laid in bed the morning after I recorded it and cried thinking it was the worst song I had ever recorded and was not going to release it. I often say my worst enemy is not other people, it is me because in the earliest of mornings it’s only you and your thoughts and what you think about yourself that matters.  If your blessed enough to have someone in your life who pushes you or just ignores you when you have a “life tantrum” be grateful for that person. They know what you are capable of and believe in you unconditionally. 

Thank you to all who have sent me messages I appreciate all of them and for the one struggling through chemo right " you know who you are" I hope the song continues to inspire you to “Try Again”

God Bless
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